Private EyeI have always aspired to be a detective but unfortunately turned out to be an engineer. Anyways I have made my wish complete by playing mission video games in which you got to be solve puzzles and riddles in order to get to the new level. i was inclined in to these kind of stuff since my childhood as my father once presented me this toolkit of an detective on my birthday, which got the comics called the private eyes with all the detective accessories like hat, overcoat, old fashioned pistols, cameras and all.

I really adored this thing and taken good care of them even I was just 9 years old. The comic and the movie I mention above was really has become rage at that time. All have been talking about the adventurous journey of the comic character.

Private EyeSo I was going through online previous days and got this slot game based on the very theme. The creator of the game has made total justice carrying on the classic theme of the era of 90’s. The game got around with all the classic pistols, old cars, bags of Cash and old Whisky. And there will be a role of the redhead girls as you must have seen in the movies. The game has been advertised with the best features and made the game a hit overnight.

Private Eye is a 243 ways to win slot game that also got the free spin as its major feature additionally the graphics and the sound of the game also goes perfectly with the theme of the game. And it can be played in both versions offline and online. If you want to play it online you can easily download the app from the store or from the vendor’s website easily.