Pharaoh’s TombToday I am going to talk about this new slot game launched by the sheriff gaming. In the class of 3d game’s the manufacturer has taken care of the uniqueness of each pokies. Among the other 3d machines that made by this company, this one has an Egyptian theme that will take you the Arabian desert with the pyramids in between.

When I heard about this game first I thought that it would be modern themed one but when I played it first, it comes out to be based on the classic theme but with all the 3d graphics and amazing music in the background that gave you the complete feel of roaming in the desert. The game graphic seems to be broken somewhere to give you the glimpse of an intact heritage of the pyramid’s structure.

Pharaoh’s TombWhen I got to play it first, I reviewed it first online to check the rating and overview and how much others have appreciated the game. And I found out that some have reviewed it nice and some said that it’s a cliché.

Personally, In my prospect, I liked it all because of the special theme and decent payout it offers. Being an independent game on the reels it’s highly customizable which is the reason why most played have like the machine. It also offers free spins along with the wild and scatters symbol. That made my eyes wide open when I first read about it. So overall it’s an amazing game with lots of there to win along with fun.