Online Casino: Gold Digger 3D Pokie Machine Game Free Download and Play On Android, Iphone & Ipad

It was the final year of my graduation, and I wanted a ride back home to Melbourne. So I contacted a cab agency first, but it seemed pretty costly. So I decided to check the College Board if anyone is going the same way and luckily I found an Asian guy who was heading the very direction. So I called him and offered to share the expenses as he was already going alone.

So the day came and we took off with some beer can in the backseat of the car. It all was very pleasing the weather, the breeze and the bon jovi music. It all felt like we are going on a dream journey to the west. After enjoying the aura I finally paused and talked to my new friend to get to know him little more.

I asked about his family, love and all. He seemed like a nice guy with the home sweet home and a nice family. And when I asked him about his favorite pastime he told me about these slot games that he used to play online whenever he got some spare time.

On our trip, as we have been driving for hours we tried to make an escape and stay for a while in the motel. On getting in the room he grabbed some more beer along with the dinner and then take out his mobile phone and opened the app called Monkey King, it was a nice slot game with high jackpot based on a Chinese novel called journey to the west. The Monkey King is the wild symbol of this game and that can be exchanged to for the other symbols as well. Its logo is the scatter that means that the players will get some nice scatter payouts independent of the scatter symbols. I played it and so much fun on the ride.

And another game we tried was the gold digger 3d slot machine that has so much to offer and can be played online and offline as well on android, iPhone and iPad. so we made the free download and gave it a try and it really worth the try, we really enjoyed it as well during the journey and made so easily to Melbourne.